I'll Never Get Over You (Getting Over Me) by Expose

From the album: Expose (c) 1993 Arista Records


from the very first moment you caught my eye
you were like nothing I've ever seen in my life
i caught your attention as you passed me a smile
you bought me a drink
we talked for a while
'bout amazing things
of what life brings
then we kissed and said goodbye

I'll get over you
don't think you can get me down
'cause I've been on lower ground
as long as you're not around
I'll make it trough
and I'll get over you
guess you were not worth my heart
you'll never hurt any part
of me again 'cause I'll start
without you and 'ill get over you

I've been walking around with my head in the clouds
your sweet talk has taken me to shivering heights
we shared the most intimate secrets 'bout love
what if your words are no longer enough
to fulfill my needs
replace the sheets
that are so cold every night


there are no good intentions in your cruel game
you play with so many we're all the same
i should have known beauty's but skin-deep
i was flying high i was falling deep
with your heart of stone
just leave me alone
i might not resist your call


Tablature: taken from ultimate-guitar.com


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Talk2myCPA said...

Great to see this. I have one of this is my car CD.

can you also give me some tips on how you put some download links to your blog?

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