Lady Gaga rewards lovers with her eyelashes

Photo via: Jhesús Arámburo's photostream

Lady Gaga
gives away her fake eyelashes after an intimate night.

The 'Poker Face' beauty - who is known for her outrageous and skimpy outfits - peels off her long lashes and leaves them on her lover's bed after they've spent the night together.

She said: "Whenever I have a lover I leave them in their apartment on the pillow. Kind of like a keepsake."

The 23-year-old star - who used to work as a burlesque dancer - says her raunchy streak stems from an incident in a New York bar before she was famous.

She explained to Britain's Independent magazine: "There was this one night where I had had a couple of drinks. I had new material and I had on this amazing outfit. I didn't want to start singing while they were talking, so I got undressed. There I was sitting at the piano in my underwear. So they shut up.

"That's when I made a real decision about the kind of pop artist that I wanted to be. Because it was a performance art moment there and then."

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Lapa37 said...

She sounds a bit outrageous but if it works.

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