Adam Lambert Feels 'Liberated' By Rolling Stone Cover

Adam Lambert was on the cover of the latest Rolling Stones Magazine, and he said that he had no regrets about finally coming clean about being gay in the said magazine.

"I'm really happy with it. The cover looks great. It was great working with [photographer] Matthew Rolston," he told Us. "And the title — 'The Liberation of Adam Lambert' — I do feel liberated. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders."

In addition to admitting that his "Idol" audition was inspired by a magic-mushroom trip at the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert, Lambert, 27, also revealed his crush on winner and roommate Kris Allen.

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Malicious Intent said...

I think it was pretty obvious from the beginning that he was gay. He neither confirmed or denied it. He was there to sign and compete, not to discuss his sexuality which was completely irrelevant to his performances on IDOL. Now I just cannot wait what he will produce once he can do his own materials.

Zach said...

Adam Lambert is just so gay, before he admits it, I can see it already :D

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