Jackson's music and videos quickly sell out after death

Michael Jackson's death has led to skyrocketing sales of his music and videos, with major retailers selling out of products that have regained immense popularity overnight.

On Friday, the seven top-selling albums on iTunes were all Michael Jackson albums. Five of the top 10 songs were Michael Jackson songs. And all top five music video downloads on iTunes were Michael Jackson videos. Plus, the No. 3 ringtone download was "Thriller."

On Amazon, all 15 top selling albums Friday were Michael Jackson records. When you include The Jackson Five, Jackson occupied 18 of the top 20 album sales on Amazon.

In addition, eBay is loaded with Michael Jackson music, photos, autographs and more. Some Michael Jackson autographs topped $1,000 on eBay.

The music industry have never have seen a phenomenon like this. "We saw something similar when (Luciano) Pavarotti and (Frank) Sinatra passed, but from the initial read on this it seems to be a faster rush," Borders spokeswoman Mary Davis said. "People seem to be shocked by the news and want to go out and rediscover his music."

via: mysanantonio.com

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